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Low Vision Protection

Eyesight is one of our core senses, and the power of sight is a treasured gift that allows us to view the world better than any technology.

As we age, our vision gets compromised leading to issues in reading, moving from one place to another and executing daily tasks to fruition. Any individual can suffer from blindness and other eye problems like low vision as a result of eye injury or other potential damages.

Doctors, therefore, recommend eyeglasses to tackle issues related to vision. Depending on the glasses you order, they can prevent eye strain and also help correct vision. If you’re looking for options to buy eyeglasses online, you can also get sunglasses that suit your low vision needs.

Do you need Sunglasses for Low Vision?

Do you need Sunglasses for Low Vision

Whether you are already facing vision issues or don’t have perfect eyesight, it is always recommended to wear sunglasses while stepping out. The sun’s UV rays are harmful to your eyes and can lead to long-term cornea damage without you understanding the preliminary symptoms. Most of the time, this goes undiagnosed.

Read to Know About the Benefits of UV Protection in Sunglasses & Eyeglasses

Your nearest Optician can do a thorough eye checkup to understand the severity of ailments related to your eye. Accordingly, you can get the perfect eyewear style that will protect your eyes and add to your fashion statement.

If you or your loved ones are above 60 years of age, buying spectacle frames to protect your eyes from UV rays is not recommended.

Types of Sunglasses for Low Vision

types of sunglasses for low vision

While buying men’s/ women’s sunglasses, you should look out for the following types:

    • Choose glasses/frames that offer protection from UVA and UVB rays: Check the label to see if the brand guarantees 100% protection against UVA/UVB rays, as it can help safeguard the cornea, retina, and the lens of the eyes. You can also look at trying wrap-around eyeglass styles. The tightness of the eyeglass frame can prevent more light from entering your sight.

    • Depth mattersDecide the depth of your optimal lens with your doctor or healthcare professional before purchasing eyewear online. Darker eyeglasses might hamper your vision, especially if you suffer from specific eye conditions.

    • Glare: If you are sensitive to glare, you can opt for polarized sunglasses that decrease the glare reflected off different surfaces in your surroundings. In most cases, glare is due to light bouncing off the sun or artificial lighting sources.

    • Contrast depth: It also plays a key role in determining the best glasses for men and women. If you drive occasionally and have low vision, you shouldn’t go for blue-light-blocking lenses as they might distort colour perception leading to mishaps on the road. Instead, you can use these sunglasses for your laptop or other gadgets.

You can also try tinted lenses at home as they help improve contrast perception, especially with yellow or orange lenses.

Why Should you Order Glasses Online from Optica?



If you’re looking for the best sunglasses for ladies or want to explore and try out branded men’s sunglasses, the best method is to purchase them online. Optica has been your one-stop-shop, where you can find a variety of sunglasses for men, women, and kids.

You can order all the sunglass types mentioned above directly from the website or get in touch if you have specific queries about your purchase. At Optica, all variants of eyeglasses, like cat eye/fashion glasses, etc., are of premium quality and have an affordable price range.

If you're concerned about how to choose the perfect eyeglass frame, you can check out these tips to narrow down your selection.

Do you face any challenges while purchasing the perfect sunglasses? Share your experiences with us.

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