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Best contact lenses to Purchase Today

by Eric Gathoni

Best contact lenses to Purchase Today

Your eyes should be one of your most cherished organs. They open the window to the world and show you different colours and objects. Hence, getting them checked and purchasing eyewear online is important to complement your vision.

You can speak to your Optician to understand if you have vision-related issues. That way, you can be recommended to either purchase spectacles from an eyeglass store or invest in daily or monthly contact lenses.

Contact lenses are gel-like substances that keep your eyes hydrated while offering perfect vision. You can get rid of the headache of wearing eyeglasses/frames externally. The only downside of wearing contact lenses is that they need a lot more care than glasses, since they have to be taken off, cleaned and stored in a contact lens solution every day.

You can learn to keep your contact lenses in check to ensure they last long. Simultaneously, if you're looking to invest in the best contact lenses, Optica has some top-notch options for you.

It is always recommended to buy contact lenses from a branded store, whether you decide to check local eyewear shops or buy online. Optica is one of the most renowned eyewear brands having affordable lens prices in Kenya.


    Optica's daily wear Dailies Aquacomfort Contact Lenses is the best option if you want to buy eyeglasses online. Easily usable and readily disposable, these contact lenses come in a pack of 30 or 90, lasting you for for months at a stretch.

    True to their name, these lenses provide comfort to your eyes without causing any irritability or watery eyes. You can choose your power (prescription) and quantity on the website and proceed to checkout. They only cost KSH 2,200 for a pack of 30 contact lenses.


    Don’t you want eyewear online that glides into your eyeballs without causing harm? The Hydrosoft Daily Disposable contact lenses are one of Optica’s top recommended contact lenses online. Available in a pack of 30 contact lenses, these are tinted and can be comfortably used daily without making the eyes feel heavy.

    They are priced at KSH 1,700 and can be delivered within 1-3 working days in Kenya.


    These contact lenses are meant for those who lead a super busy life. If you maintain an active lifestyle or commute to work daily, you should buy Vivid Daily Disposable Contact Lenses from Optica’s eyeglasses store.

    With a base curve (BC) of 8.7 and diameter (Dia) of 14.2, these contact lenses are comfortable to wear daily and provide clear vision. It is available in a pack of 30 with the power and quantity adjustable on the website.


    Another one of Optica's daily disposables, the Matrix Contact Lenses, comes in a pack of 90 contact lenses, a super-saver pack meant for those leading busy lifestyles. It's comfortable to wear and provides crystal clear vision without causing pain or irritability in the eyes.

    Available for KSH 2,450, these are some of the best disposable lenses for daily use!


    If long-lasting lubrication and a higher water percentage are what you seek, it’s time to invest in contact lenses that suit you for a month. The Hydrosoft monthly contact lenses by Optica are available in a pack of 6 for one eye. Priced at KSH 400, they are suitable to be left in the eyeballs without the scare of irritation or pain.

    Unlike daily contact lenses, they don’t have to be disposed of frequently.


    Get the comfort of comfortable and clear contact lenses throughout the month. As the name suggests, Airsoft monthly contact lenses by Optica are light on the eyes and can stay on for long periods. They have adequate water retention and lubricate the cornea to prevent irritability.

    They are composed of breathable silicone hydrogel to help you do your daily chores without straining your eyes.


    Available for just KSH 275, 43 Hydra monthly contact lenses by Optica are perfect for your monthly needs. They keep the eyes hydrated while allowing you to see clearly. They are lightweight and don’t have to be disposed of daily.

    Within 1-3 days of delivery, you can expect to get your delivery after ordering glasses online. Optica ensures 100% quality and satisfaction so you can carry forward with your active lifestyle.


    Unlike its daily wear variety, Matrix also offers monthly contact lenses for enhanced lubrication and water retention in the eyes. With adjustable power and quantity, you can seek comfort every month as these contact lenses are light and easy to use. They easily contour your eyes upon eye contact, so you can use them regularly while doing different chores.


    Made of high-quality materials, including a HydraGlide technology, these contact lenses by Air Optix are suitable for your monthly needs. They are easy to wear, comfortable and light on the eyes. They keep the eyes lubricated so that you can make the most of your daily routine.

    Available just for KSH 750, you can have the power and quantity for these lenses adjusted on the website.

Are there any Risks of wearing Contact Lenses?

It is important to choose contact lenses that adapt to the shape of your eyes. If they are uncomfortable or too old to fit, they might cause redness, pain and irritation in the eyes.

Hence, it is recommended to purchase eyewear online, depending on the size and power recommended by your doctor.

You should also take care of the following factors while using contact lenses:

  • Do not use eye drops with contact lenses unless they're lubricating drops recommended by your doctor. You must avoid using any other form of eye drops or medicine for the eyes as they may interfere with your vision.

  • Remove your contact lenses immediately if you notice no improvement in your vision.

  • Contact your doctor or healthcare professional if you witness blurring, redness, and tear secretion after wearing contact lenses.

Everything you need to know about contact lenses

Tips to Care for your Contact Lenses

Whether you use them daily or monthly, caring for your contact lenses goes a long way in achieving crystal clear vision without any hassles. Always take extra care of your contact lenses to avoid scarring eye infections.

 Here are a few tips you can follow.

  • Don't use contact lenses after storing them for 30 days without disinfecting. Ask your doctor or lens manufacturer about the frequency of cleansing and disinfecting your contact lenses.

  • Water and contact lenses don't mix well, despite several myths you might find on the internet. Remove your contact lenses while taking showers, swimming or doing any chore that impacts your eye with water.

  • Don't touch your contact lenses with dirty hands. Always wash your hands with soap and water, towel dry them and then put on your contacts.

  • Rubbing and rinsing is the best method to keep your contact lenses working for long periods. Despite your solution being 'no rub', always dip your contact lenses in the cleaning solution and rub them gently. Proceed to clean and towel dry them before putting them into your eyes.

  • Use a sterile contact lens box to store your contact lenses. Never leave them open or unattended.

  • Don't use a contact lens box beyond three months despite it being in perfect condition. Similarly, replace the box as soon as it is cracked or damaged.

Why Choose Optica for Contact Lenses Online?

With a one-stop solution for all your eyewear needs, Optica offers the best lenses price in Kenya, suiting all budgets. These are manufactured keeping in mind your daily requirements. Only high-quality materials and technology are infused in making these contact lenses.

Available in different pack sizes, quantities and power, you can flexibly order contact lenses online based on your comfort. You can choose between daily and monthly contact lenses, as all orders get delivered within 1-3 business days in Kenya.

The curated collection at Optica makes it one of the best eyewear stores online and in Kenya. You can choose from a range of brands while browsing through our collection.

Happy shopping!