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Monthly Contact Lenses

Buy Budget-friendly Monthly Contact lenses

Contact lenses have evolved over the years, they are safer and more comfortable. Ideally, you must always pay attention to how long you are wearing them.

Doctors advise that you shouldn’t wear them for one full day. Also, while wearing the lenses, pay attention to how your eyes are feeling. If you notice even the slightest symptoms of infection, you must contact your eye doctor as soon as possible.

Here are some advantages to keep in mind:

Why Should You Get Monthly Contact Lenses?

If you are a little tight on budget, you can pick from our extensive range of daily contact lenses. You can even try our monthly disposable lenses at length without worrying about any consequences to your eyes or your wallet. The lenses are offered at affordable prices at Optica’s online and offline branches. You can order brands like Matrix Monthly, 43 Hydra Monthly, and Air Optix Aqua Hydraglyde through online shopping as well. The prices range from KSh 400 to 675, and they are premium quality products.

The Most Affordable Eyewear Shopping Destination

When it comes to quality eyewear and contact lenses, Optica has to be your number 1 choice. When it comes to style, variety, and comfort, no one will serve your needs better than Optica. These monthly disposable contact lenses provide advanced comfort, ideal lubrication, and a high water percentage. Therefore, ensure that you are at ease throughout the month.