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What to Consider When Buying Eyeglasses

Many people find themselves at a cross road when it comes to purchasing a pair of glasses. So much to choose from, yet so little time? Consider the following factors to guide you on choosing the best eyeglasses to suit your every need; Face shapes There are different types of face shapes that a human being has; rectangle, square, diamond, oval, round and heart. Your face shape plays the largest role in determining which frame best suits you to complement your face. An example of people with a round shape face is that their features are characterized by having full cheeks, wide forehead and a rounded chin. The best frames to complement this shape are square or angular frames and the frame...

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3 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Pair of Glasses

The myth that is related to wearing glasses is that: 'All wearers of glasses have an eye problem!'.Truth be told, glasses are considered as one of the best tools to correct and improve vision but since different types of eye wear have been re-invented and made available in our Optica shop, they have provided us with a wide range of designs and models which leave us spoiled for choice. There are many reasons of getting yourself a pair of stunning glasses but these 3 are the main ones: 1. The Ultimate Fashion Statement Did you know that 57% of the world's population that do not wear glasses, stare at the 61% that do! For whatever reason we must make their stare worth their while. Glasses,...

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5 Things You Should Do Before Getting Contact Lenses

The first thought that comes to people's minds once they hear of contact lenses is the thrill of having a different eye colour than your own. 'Maybe I can get blue 'eyes' so that I can relate to Westlife's songs of the girl with the blue eyes? Maybe brown or hazel, so that ladies may be on my case and i'd lie to them that my brown eyes are all natural? Yes?! No? What about grey?' It is always about the beauty of the eyes. Before you start to use contact lenses, it is essential for you to do some groundwork on them. Only after doing some basic study should you purchase contacts, so as to avoid 'going with the flow'. These...

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