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Contact Lens Solutions

Ensure Cleanliness And Hygiene With A Contact Lens Solution

Contact lenses can be comfortable and safe to wear, provided you take good care of them. However, if you sense even the slightest sign of discomfort, discontinue using them immediately and visit an eye doctor. Your eye care professional will provide you with a replacement schedule, wherein you have to replace the contact lenses once it has completed the duration. The prescription, personal eyewear needs, and lifestyle will play an essential role in what kind of contact lenses you purchase.

To keep your contact lenses feeling fresh and comfortable, you must ensure that you store and replace them properly. Weekly and monthly contact lenses should be properly cleaned every day and stored after removing them with a contact solution. This routine is essential to remove any bacteria or protein buildup. The contact lens solution must be rubbed on the lenses to remove biofilms of protein, lipid deposits, and bacteria.

There are two types of contact lens solutions, which you can choose from. The first one can be used to soak the lenses overnight by keeping them inside the lens case. This solution keeps the lenses clean and germ-free. The second type of solution is used for protein removal and to prevent pathogen buildup.

Unmatched Contact Solution Quality

At Optica, we carry the best quality contact solution brands like Astek Aquasoft and Opti-free Express. The solution price ranges from 400-1,190 KSh. These lens solutions can be used to enhance the comfort levels of the contact lenses by conditioning their surface. The solution should be treated as a lubricant, and it won’t harm your eyes because it will match the pH of tears, fights germs, and removes any irritating protein deposits.

Buy Contact Lens Solutions At Optica

If you want to purchase the best quality contact lens solutions at a reasonable price, then you must check out Optica’s online and offline branches. The online store will also have some great offers and discounts, and they will deliver the product safely and quickly to your doorstep.