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3D Try On Simplifying Spectacle Selection

Introduction to 3D Try-on

Online shopping for anyone isn't easy as it requires browsing through endless options, all of which look equally great. Unfortunately, the situation worsens for user-driven industries like fashion or eyewear.

However, when you step out to purchase new spectacles, concepts like virtual try-on play a significant role in helping you make the right choice and choose spectacle frames that best suit your personality.

In this blog post, we discuss the primary challenges customers face while purchasing eyeglasses and frames, the working of 3D try-on, and how you can use it to find the perfect pair of glasses for yourself.

Challenges of Purchasing Glasses/Frames Online

Glasses & Frames

We live in an era where everything can be brought online, be it food, grocery items, accessories, gifts, or anything else. But when it comes to purchasing essential items like glasses/frames that you would wear daily and define your look, it’s vital to tread the steps carefully. 

As a customer, here are some of the primary challenges that you would experience as a part of your purchasing journey:

  • Perfect fit: Before you try on glasses/sunglasses online, you must analyse your facial shapes and note the numbers. You must note the bridge width and the temple length of your chosen frame carefully, as any discrepancy can trigger unnecessary eye troubles like ear pain, headaches, redness on the nose, etc.
  • Compromise on the quality: A significant challenge most consumers face when purchasing glasses online is the quality of the material or lens used. Unfortunately, unless you're checking out authentic retailers, there's a high chance that you would get a sub-standard product that has been tampered with, and using such products for a long time can significantly hamper your vision.

  • Hassle of finding the best deal: When you shop online, you always look for the best deal, but this might not be true in the case of eyewear. Finding the perfect pair becomes cumbersome and challenging as endless options are available online on different websites. 

Having understood the primary challenges, let’s proceed to the next segment, wherein you learn how virtual glasses work and how 3D Try-on helps.

3D Try-on: How it Helps and Works

virtual try on

The entire crux of the 3D try-on process is simple, allowing every customer to try out eyeglasses virtually using their smartphone camera. Once your facial structure gets captured, the underlying Augmented Reality (AR) technology leverages facial recognition ability to give you a realistic version of how your chosen spectacles/glasses will look on your face.

The primary benefit of 3D try-on is that it allows its customers' extreme personalisation choices, making it convenient for them to shortlist products that reflect their personality and style. It further allows businesses to minimise their returns and upscale their revenue.

How Can 3D Try-on Help You Choose the Right Spectacles?

3D Try-on

3D try-on leverages technologies like computer vision, augmented reality, and image processing to capture customers' faces from various angles and analyse them thoroughly.

Based on the analysis, the customer sees a wide range of virtual spectacles and their variants in different colours and styles. The user can then pick their favourite, try them on, and figure out if the chosen frame looks appropriate on them or not.

Several brands offer you virtual try-on glasses, but trusting them for authenticity and quality is always a concern for the end customers. If you're one such shopper, check out Optica today.

Known to offer premium services since 1959, Optica's virtual spectacles try-on service model is a simple 3-step process that relies on cutting-edge technology to help you find the perfect spectacle for yourself and your loved ones.

How frequently do you purchase eyewear? Have you ever considered leveraging the 3D try-on feature to buy sunglasses? If yes, share your experience in the comments section below.

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