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Virtual Try-on: An Insight into the Concept

Since our inception, we have undertaken different forms of activities, and online shopping is surely one of them. However, with the advancement of technology, the eCommerce industry saw a massive transformation and shifted its gears, changing how we perceive online shopping.

Sensing the shift in customer mindset, the brands too instantly changed their marketing strategy and thus emerged the concept of virtual try-on.

If you’re confused about this new concept of virtual try-on, scroll down the blog and get an understanding of it, the benefits it gives you as a customer, and various other aspects.

An Insight into the Concept

Virtual try-on is the emerging trend in the eyewear eCommerce domain where eyewear retailers enable their customers to try on frames before actually buying them.

For example, Michael Kors (a famous fashion brand) used the Facebook platform to give its users the option to virtually try out glasses online before making a purchase. Similarly, another famous brand, Warby Parker, allowed its customers to try on glasses virtually through its iPhone app. At the same time, Lenskart leverages AR tech to allow its customers to try on different frames and sunglasses before purchase.

These examples indicate that the eyewear industry is changing rapidly. The brands heavily rely on newer technologies like facial recognition, augmented reality, and machine learning to give their customer base a sense of virtual try-on glasses from the comfort of their home to minimise their returns and losses.

Virtual Try-on Benefits worth Knowing: A Sneak Peek

Virtual Try-on Benefits

The popularity of virtual try-on has increased tremendously in the recent past, courtesy of social media platforms. The emerging trend has made it convenient for the brands to connect with their customers and personalise their products based on their shopping behaviour.

Some significant benefits of virtual try-on include:

  • A virtual product experience: Through virtual try-on, customers get instant access to a wide range of products, experience them virtually in seconds, and get personalised recommendations upscaling the brands' sales.

  • Minimise losses and product return costs: A significant advantage of virtual try-on for brands is that their returns get minimal. The brands significantly cut down their return cost by allowing customers a hands-on product experience before purchase.

  • Purchase decision gets simplified: Customers often get confused when multiple products are available online. However, when they get the option to try on the desired product, the buying decision gets much simplified, enriching the user experience and establishing brand loyalty.

Optica’s Virtual Try-on Feature: A Sneak Peek

A Sneak Peek

Optica's virtual try-on eyewear feature is a simple three-step process that helps you find the best spectacles among the wide range of virtual eyeglasses available online.

We emphasise using advanced and cutting-edge technology to give you the best possible customer shopping experience and help you make an informed decision.

The three-step process involves:

  • Capturing the video: Record a 30-second video of your face using your smartphone camera and upload it onto our system.

  • Cover your forehead with a standard-sized card: Once you've captured the video, our system asks you to hold a standard-sized card and cover your forehead. This helps us ensure that our recommended 3D Try on glasses options fit your facial structure.

  • Try on glasses & different frames: The last step involves checking out different frame and glass options that our algorithm believes suit you best.

Once you've thoroughly explored all possible options, pick your calling and place an order. Understanding the market trend, we offer you the best 3D glasses price in Kenya and ensure that all our products are of premium quality.

So, if you're planning to purchase new sunglasses and are confused about where to look, visit Optica today and get the best quality products for yourself and your loved ones.

We also offer incredible sales, offers, and discounts on the latest eyeglasses styles.

Have you ever purchased virtual spectacles before using the virtual try-on concept? Share your experience with us in the comments below.

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