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5 Easy Tips For Picking The Perfect Frame In Modern Age

Sight is one of the core senses of human existence, and our eyes allow us to experience life in different colours and shapes. So, we must undertake adequate measures to safeguard our vision and protect our eyes from all possible dangers.

One important measure includes purchasing the right pair of eyeglasses that not only suits you and reflects your style but also aids you in correcting your vision problems. However, the million-dollar question remains – how can you identify if a particular eyeglass style suits you or not?

So, if you’re too struggling with the same, check out this blog wherein we list down five simple tips that can help you shortlist the best eyewear for yourself in a few easy steps:

Understand your facial structure

The first and foremost step you must take is understanding your face structure. As every individual is unique, so are their face types. For example, while few folks come with an oval, triangle-shaped (base-up or base-down), oblong, or square face structure, many others have a round or diamond-cut structure.

So, understanding the type is important, especially when you’re purchasing your eyewear online. Here’s a quick summary of the different frames you can consider basis your face shape:

Understand your facial structure

Image alt tag: frame types based on face shape

  • Oval shape: Prefer frames that are wider than the broadest part of your face. Walnut-shaped frames can also look best on your structure.

  • Base-up or base-down shape: Go for frames that are wider at the bottom and are lightweight. For base-down, prefer colourful frames with a little detail on the top.

  • Oblong shape: Choose eyeglass frames with more depth than width to make your face look shorter and balanced.

  • Square shaped: Contrast to oblong; pick a narrow frame style with more width than depth.

  • Diamond-cut: If you have a diamond-cut face structure, you can pick rimless eyeglass frames in an oval or cat-eye shape.

  • Round-shape: Narrow, rectangular, and rimless frames best suit round-shaped individuals. According to experts, cat eye glasses are the perfect choice in this scenario as they sharpen the features of your face.

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Emphasise Your Size and Comfort

Another factor that you must consider while shortlisting your new spectacles frames is size and your comfort level. Although it may be hard to determine the level of comfort from a 3D Virtual Try-On with 100% certainty, here are a few pointers to select the best frame:

  • Your prescription: If you’re going for prescription eyeglasses, keep note of your lens weight as it will play a significant role. Prefer frames with small, round lens shapes and lighter-weight materials like plastic. Further, ensure that you have the latest prescription; else, you may end up buying the wrong lens based on your old prescription copy.

  • Your frame material matters: If you’re allergic to any metal, opt for plastic or hypo-allergenic metal frames if available at your chosen eye care centre.

  • Bridge width is crucial: Pick the size and type of your bridge carefully; otherwise, it will hamper the comfort of your glasses. Prefer plastic frames over metallic ones as the former can distribute the frame weight across your nose, minimising the chance of redness or pressure.

The frame must fit properly; else, you will constantly fiddle with the frame to keep it in place. Try multiple pairs to get the perfect one and determine which size suits your face shape best.
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Additional lens coating

Additional lens coating

According to experts, if your chosen glasses/frames come equipped with an additional layer of coating like anti-reflective, it can significantly cut down the reflection on both sides of the lens.

The presence of an anti-reflective coating improves your night vision, and even though the lens appears invisible, it gives your eyeglasses a better appearance and eye contact.

Take note of your lifestyle

You may not be aware, but your lifestyle choices and the environment you reside in are integral aspects of picking the right eyeglass frames. For example, if you’re into a desk job, you must opt for lightweight lenses, and if you’re active, you can opt for a pair of sports eyewear.

Before shortlisting a specific frame for yourself, you must carefully consider every aspect of your life. Since the frames represent your overall personality, ensure you’re picking the best fashion glasses for yourself, which are in trend yet feel comfortable on your nose and temples.

Get Your Eyes Tested & Trust your Optometrist

regular eye test

Before you order glasses online, you must schedule your eye test and trust your optometrist for proper diagnosis. Getting the eyes tested helps you understand if you’re suffering from any general eye ailments or not. Then, depending on the outcome of your eye test, your optometrist can recommend the best pair of frames that not only help minimise the danger but also suit your personality.

How Can Optica Help You Pick the Right Frame?

If you’re about to buy eyeglasses online, you must remember that it’s no cakewalk. It gets worse if you’re new to purchasing and confused between the endless options available online. However, we believe the above-listed tips can significantly aid you in finding the perfect frame for yourself.

It doesn’t matter if you’re searching for the best glasses for men, branded men’s sunglasses, or the best sunglasses for ladies; at Optica, we have everything available for purchase in premium quality yet at affordable pricing.

Browse through our exclusive range of men’s/women’s sun glasses available in different styles and frames, and then figure out which frame you like best.

Have you ever bought any frames online? What hurdles did you encounter during the purchase? Share your experience in the comments section below.

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