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Optica Eye Rewards Terms & Conditions



The following terms and conditions apply to the Optica Loyalty Points Service also known as Optica Eye Rewards (“the Service”) and by utilizing the Service you will be deemed to have read, understood, and accepted the same.

The Service

  1. The loyalty point scheme is available for all Optica customers who do not use insurance mode of payment. The points will be awarded only once an order is collected or a purchase is made.

  2. You will get 2 loyalty points for every KSh 100 spent at any Optica outlet.

  3. The loyalty point will be valid for use within one year of being issued.



    1. You will register in Optica outlets with our authorised staff members via our digital platforms where we will collect your personal information that includes your name, mobile phone number and email address.

      1. You will be given a specific loyalty code once registration of an account is successful.


      Launch of the Service

      1. This Service will run from 0900 hrs on 1st February 2021 (“Service Commencement Date”).


        1. You will redeem 1 loyalty point for KSh 1 at any Optica outlet.

        2. This Service is available to all Optica customers at the time of placing an order or purchase using any payment mode, other than insurance payment.   

        3. You will not get loyalty point for orders or purchases made when redeeming loyalty points.

        4. You can redeem your loyalty points at any Optica outlet upon collecting an order or making a purchase.

        5. You can redeem your loyalty points when you make your orders via our website as well. (Feature not yet available, will be available soon)

        6. When you redeem your loyalty points, you will get a text message notification to the registered mobile phone number acknowledging points have been redeemed against the specific loyalty code.

        7. You can redeem 100% of your order or purchase value against your loyalty points.



          1. Personal Information means personal identifiable information as prescribed in the Data Protection Act which includes but is not limited to name, address, phone number, identification number, email data, family information.

          2. We are required by law and contractual obligations to collect certain personal information and are legally obligated to deny you the service if such information is not availed. We also need to collect your Personal Information for quality service delivery. Please note that although this is voluntary, without such information we may not be able to provide quality service.

          3. The personal information we collect from you is processed in accordance to our privacy policy found at, which is updated from time to time. If unable to access the link or our website, please reach us on any of our customer care channels to receive a copy.

          4. When registering a minor, a person with parental authority or guardian shall register and maintain an account in their name for and on behalf of the minor. For purposes of these Terms and Conditions, a person with parental authority shall include the birth parents of a minor, legal guardian or other person who can demonstrate legitimate authority over the minor’s affairs.



          1. You will be able to transfer your loyalty point to another Optica customer via the following link (TBA soon) on our website. You will first create your account by keying in the same personal information as above.

          2. Once you are successfully registered and an account created, you will choose the loyalty code of the customer you want to transfer your loyalty points to and proceed to initiate the transfer.

          3. You will receive an OTP text message to the mobile phone number registered confirming the transfer.

          4. Other Terms and Conditions


          These Terms and Conditions are supplemental to the published terms and conditions governing the use of the Optica website, and any other product / service that you are enjoying.

          Optica reserves the rights to withdraw this Service, change or vary these terms and conditions at any time. Such changes will be communicated via bulletin or on the Optica website and through any other available means Optica may choose.